Our History

EJP Furniture was originally called Evan John Philp and began life in 1976

EJP furniture began in Auckland NZ in 1976 as a one man band, inspired by great furniture produced in the past.  Around this time there were many new furniture companies operating or opening up to service the growing market in Australia and New Zealand desiring more unique furniture designs.  Home interiors were becoming more important to people and they also demanded choice.  EJP made the first 2 seater sofas in New Zealand, covered in denim or chocolate cord (things have changed a little since then, although designs do repeat themselves over time).

In 1996 EJP commenced operations in Brisbane Australia and services the Interior Design market along with large project sectors.  The factory has become known to be capable of delivering 'one-of' custom work whilst also having the ability to produce production runs for projects throughout Australia and beyond.

The Brisbane factory is managed by Evan Philp and the Auckland factory by his son Conan Philp.  Having factories in both countries has enabled EJP furniture to provide product for projects in both countries where increasingly the commercial and hospitality market is interwoven.

Over the last 38 years since EJP commenced many changes have been seen in our industry with the company travelling through a number of economic downturns and the effects of globalisation. The production of furniture in Asian countries and the importing into Australia and New Zealand has meant the company is constantly evolving to meet these challenges and produce locally made quality furniture.  Our love of furniture and great design remains.

Value for money can be acheived without compromising the integrity or quality of our furniture and service.